Residents speak out on downtown planters:

Always so pretty. Not many towns have the option. We are blessed!
Betty Ward

I canít begin to understand what the issue is after all this time! They are FREE, flowers are donated by UF and small businesses in the area, planted by VOLUNTEERS. Just another example of the Mayor trying to out pwer the people HE SERVES, not the other way around. A few months ago we were so poor we needed to look at raising taxes, now he can throw away FREE flowers? While Iím at it, if the people on the ďcitizenĒ board actually lived, worked or owned any property in Miton they might not vote on such stupidity.
Peggi Smith

It is definitely hard to understand this move by the city. Who but our city leaders would not be greatful for the hard working volunteers who have worked for many years to provide the pots and get them planted. Save our planter pots!!
Kim Macarthy

Downtown is going to pot,whatís the deal, no planters,no shops , no restaurants,all they want are lawyers and bail bonds, makes Miltonís downtown pretty shoddy if you ask me. Willing street is dead for any kind of tourism.
Betsy Dodson

Sad to see the planters go. I remember how excited everyone was when they were first put in place and how many volunteers turned out to put the flowers in. My kids and I loved participating in that aspect of helping to beautify the downtown. I would truly like to see people all working together for the better good of that beautiful historic downtown area. It has tremendous potential.
Clairen Reese

Unfortunately the City of Milton feels the need to spend $ 20,000 on new planters, seems like they would have put a little more consideration into adding to the existing planters, but wasteful spending is all we expect out of them anyway. Howís that kiosk on the corner of Willing & 90 working out for the downtown? Another poor decision by the narrow minded & misguided ďleaderĒ with no vision for the future.
Kimber Cat

I attended the City meetings yesterday and it is $20,000 for new landscaping for certain areas of downtown, not new planters. The landscaping will be a nice improvement for downtown, but that was (as usual) overshadowed when the Mayor decided to get on his soap box at the end of the meeting and spew his negativity on everyone. He called people cowards that call in to Speak Out and donít leave their it the message that is important or who said it? And why is it so important to know who said it except to find a way to punish them? He also bashed certain organizations and businesses downtown, of course he didnít mention their names, who is the coward? Not one other person was being negative in those meetings, only the Mayor! The City really does have some exciting things planned and in the works. We just need mature, cohesive, positive leadership and more participation from the citizens to guide them. There were only TWO citizens in each of the meetings yesterday.
Cassandra Sharp

I think they add to the beauty of downtown. Expensive to maintain?
Sandra Hall VerCrouse

Too bad everyone canít work together - much more would get accomplished toward improving/beautifying Milton if people would work together rather than apart. Anyone know any good mediators?
Tammy Stebbins Mendiola

No we need decor to decorate this city makes it appear. Nicer!!!!!!!
Sharon Kay Kolb Parker