Dear Sir/ Ms.,

Iím writing to report a nuisance, a low volume, very low pitched, pulsating sound, which is constant. This has been going on for over six months. It is a little louder now than it used to be. You can only hear it when you are inside and there is no competing noise, e.g. the TV. You cannot hear it outside, because it is masked by the sound of traffic. I live on Locklin Lake. My next-door neighbor hears the noise. A friend who lives near Hallís Hardware hears it. I have not been able to locate the source of the noise. If someone could locate the source, I assume we could put an end to it. This is a community, not an industrial park. Since the Press Gazette office is near Highway 90, it might not be possible to hear the sound in a room where there is no other competing sound. If any staff members live in my neighborhood, they should be able to hear it, if they turn off their TV. Iím surprised that more people have not complained about this.

Please consider asking readers to try to locate the source of the noise and to complain about it.


Sherman Harbeson