Michael Williams, a student at Pace High School, will travel to Washington, D.C., to participate in a People to People Leadership Summit. Williams, along with fellow students from around the country, will take part in the Presidential Inauguration and address on the National Mall.

During the day in Washington, D.C., Williams will have the opportunity to learn about effective leadership and how to develop his own leadership abilities, as well as how to apply those skills upon returning home. He will participate in hands-on activities such as touring the Library of Congress and the U.S. Capitol, and will get the inside scoop on the presidency with insights from Kenneth M. Duberstein, President Ronald Reaganís White House chief of staff, and Ken Walsh, U.S. News and World Reportís chief White House correspondent, who will share his insights into the election process and the presidency. Small group workshops and visits to local venues can help Williams form a new perspective on the importance of good leadership.

ďI am really excited about having a chance to witness the inauguration of our president. Thatís not something you can do every day,Ē Williams said.

People to People Leadership Summits are in prestigious venues around the country and provide students a chance to explore the various aspects of leadership in specific contexts. Participants also gain insights to guide their educational and professional careers, and benefit from a strong focus on college admissions. Through workshops, presentations, excursions and discussions, Leadership Ambassadors attain a clear advantage as they pursue their selected fields of interest. Students will have the opportunity to meet with admissions officers and gain valuable advice for navigating the college application process.

The programs offer students a unique blend of specialized educational, leadership and cultural exposure as well as itineraries filled with the highlights of the hosting communities. Students enjoy a unique chance to enhance their self-confidence, as well as experience life-changing growth in personal responsibility, global leadership and cultural diversity.