Hey, this is Dennis. Gun control. Letís look at some of the people in the past, when the citizens no longer had the right to own firearms. Uganda with Idi Amin. Hitler and the Jews. China. Mexico. Cambodia. Russia. American black slaves. Rwanda. Not just 10, 20 or 30 people were killed, but hundreds of millions of people were killed, defenseless and unarmed civilians. The genius of the Second Amendment is to protect citizens from an oppressive government and evil people to keep and bear arms. History has told us to take away arms from the citizens can lead to untold horrors. Thank you.

FRIDAY, 8:59 P.M.
This is Charles over here off Avalon Boulevard. Iíve been complaining for at least 6 months because Panhandle Paving and Grading, theyíve made this mess, this cliff that we have to drive across to get into our neighborhood. And I noticed that today, theyíve been out there digging up that brand new asphalt on the highway, on Avalon Boulevard, and repatching it because itís like a camelís back going up down there, and theyíre trying to get it level, I guess, to satisfy the state. So that brings into mention too, the stateís watching something, but they ainít watching this damn hole we have to drive through thatís destroying our cars. I wish somebodyíd please tell me who I can complain to because the damn state Department of Transportation, they want to blow you off and say itís scheduled. Six months is a little long to schedule anything. Please put in the paper who we can contact or Greg Eversí number or something. Thank you.
EDITORíS NOTE: Local and state legislatorsí contact information appears on Page A2 of the Press Gazette.

FRIDAY, 1:36 P.M.
Yes, this is to say, all these children, they donít have good fortune when they have to take medicine to control themselves from the age of kindergarten to teenager because theyíre hyper. And thatís the only way because some of the teachers, they donít want any hyper kid in their classes, and the parents have to do this for the kid, and they have to suffer the consequence of how these kids behave later. They get in so much trouble and everything. I think we need to say we agree with this doctor. And this teacher, if they donít want to see a hyper kid, they can go to another job. These children have to not get the medicine so early in life because when they need it for more trouble, they get more doses and more doses, so I hope they start to open their eyes and their mind and their heart and look at see that these kids donít need this kind of medicine. They need to be controlled. The teachers, if they donít want to deal with these kids, they can go somewhere else to look for a job. Principals, all of them. Thank you.

Yes, this is Terry, from Skyline. I would like to thank the green car who ran over my dead pet in the middle of Dogwood. He was laying on the white line, and the car purposely ran over it, and I was attempting to remove it from the road. I want to thank him. Now itís totally mutilated. There was no excuse for that because he was speeding, along with all the other cars that are speeding down this road. Iím fixiní to be the lady everybody donít like on Delwood Drive if you donít start slowing down. Thank you.

Hi, this is Terry again. I did get my pet out of the road, and I want you to thank everyone who rode by who didnít get over and did not slow down one single bit as I stood on the road removing the animal. I want to thank every one of those cars who did nothing to slow down. Thank you very much for printing this.