Love this!!!
Bobbie Dunlap Shiver

Good now maybe people will take their dogs there and NOT on Navarre beach or park!!!!!
Wayne Beachbum Spooner

People are already using it. Guess they canít wait until it really opens. I think itís a great idea. Just hope everyone obey the rules and clean up behind their pets.
Karen Enfinger Gramm

I would love for there to be one in Pace!
Vanessa N Aaron Randall

Yeah! I wonít have to drive into pcola for a dog park!
Suzanne Cheek Schultz

I just got back from is awesome!! I love it and love how it is set up. It has two sides which I am very glad for because my little monster doesnít always socialize well. Also, they have an entry area where you can come and go without letting any of the dogs out. Really nice!!
AlvaJo Allen

What happened to the park plans on the river in Bagdad? It too was to have a DOG PARK. Has that project fell by the wayside?
Don McLachlan



Sending prayers!!!
Phyllis Merritt Skinner Powell

Don Miller

Sending prayers
Monica Lainhart

I hope he will be ok. I believe he is a MHS Alumni
Kim Platt Fagan

so sad! His son goes to pace.
Carri Elizabeth

Super nice guy. Praying, praying, praying.
Daphne Mitchell

Such a great guy.... praying...
Julie Rogers Stranzl

Very nice man. Sending prayers
Marsha Annette Stephens

Praying for Phillip and family
Howard Levins