TUESDAY, 2:13 P.M.
I stopped at the bank, and when I came out to start my car, the battery was dead. There were these good Samaritans and guardian angels parked next to me and came over to help me. They gave me a jump start with my jumper cables and followed me to Kmart. Even though the battery was only one year old, it wouldnít work. They stayed with me and put a new battery in my car and made sure it charged. I got home without any more problems. I want to thank Johnny and Jody for their kindness. They just added more stars to their crown. Lena.

TUESDAY, 6:18 P.M.
This is Marian. I was told back in November that the old bridge near the former Reggieís was being repaired and a temporary bridge was to be built south of it. And then the old bridge torn down and a new one to be built in that location. Is that information correct, and if so, when? And is there any word on courthouse location, etc.? Some of us would like to know. Thank you.

EDITORíS NOTE: Milton is going to hire a consultant to help create a master plan for Riverwalk and other vital areas. Suggestions for utilizing the courthouse are included in the tasks for the consultant to complete. No new location for the courthouse has been decided. We are checking on the bridge you mentioned and will get back with you.

TUESDAY, 6:26 P.M.
Yeah, my nameís Everett, and I live behind Nichols Seafood. For the last 6 months, weíve had to deal with this dropoff that theyíve created when they fixed the booboo on this road widening. I am sick and tired of my vehicle getting beat to death dropping off this 6-inch dropoff every time I come into my neighborhood, and the state of Florida wonít do nothing. Iím just hoping that people that see this who go to Nichols Seafood and all these other businesses will get on the bandwagon, and letís call Tallahassee and raise a little Cain. This is the most ridiculous thing Iíve ever seen in my life, with what they call themselves a road contractor in the state of Florida. They donít have any oversight. Thank you.

Yeah, I just wanted to let county commissioners read this. I still wish yíall would do something about this dropoff they got right here going to the service road on Avalon Boulevard where Gulf Coast Paving fixed a screw-up in the drain pipes. Six months ago, they said they were gonna fix this cliff you have to fall off into that tears your vehicle up. Anyway, this is Ralph. I sure wish you all would do something about this, county commissioners. Put some pressure on the state or something. Thank you. Bye.

EDITORíS NOTE: We will look into this issue and report back. Thank you for bringing it to our attention.

Hi. I would like to thank Councilman Meiss for being the only councilman to support the Main Street Milton planters staying in downtown. I think itís petty and vindictive of the other councilmen to force Main Street to remove those. Main Street is doing a great job on helping the downtown area, and I think the city is disenfranchising a lot of downtown business owners and volunteers. Itís middle school bullying. They need to grow up.

Yeah, this is Bobby. I think itís kind of ironic that for two years in the paper, all weíve seen is people in Avalon whining about how the road is messed up and how rough it is and all that.

Now you see in the paper they wonít install speed bumps. You canít satisfy them. Thank you.

Only the Press Gazette and Santa Rosa County would write at the top of the page and say how a perpetrator would go on trial for whatever crime he had committed while at the bottom of the same page in the Speak Out column, someone wrote in that the perpetrator had already left the state. Now, evidently, and I would just guess having lived here all my life, that whoever wrote the opinion of the trial didnít come from here. Whoever wrote the other opinion was born and raised right here in good olí Santa Rosa County.

EDITORíS NOTE: The person you mention is Camrin Bass. He is accused of stabbing someone. The offender in the bonfire burning case is the one to whom we were referring. His name is Devin Bass. We spoke to sheriffís officials who say those out on bond can travel across state lines as long as they donít miss their court date. At that point, they would become wanted for failure to appear. Neither subject has ďgone on trialĒ yet.