Every person who walks into a gym has a goal in mind, whether it’s to lose weight, boost self esteem or run a marathon.

Jonathan Clark, of Milton, started with his first workout at Pace’s new Anytime Fitness on New Year’s Eve. His goal is to increase his running distance to be able to complete a half marathon.

“I want to get back in shape,” he said. “It’s hard to find time.”

With the turn of a new year, fitness goals are starting off strong, which is a plus for the new Anytime Fitness Pace franchisee that opened in the Santa Rosa Commons on Dec. 15.

“It’s a good time to open because of everyone’s new resolutions,” said Anytime Fitness’ manager Matt Fox.

Fox has high expectations for the club and its members.

“We need to do business the right way from the start and not let their goals fall by the wayside,” he said. “Everyone comes in with a goal in mind… My job is to help them see results.”

This means for himself, too. Fox, along with the rest of the Anytime Fitness staff, has made a goal to run an Olympic distance triathlon this year. And after doing a sprint-distance triathlon last year, Fox knows how difficult that will be.

“It was an eye opener,” he said, “It was probably the hardest thing I’ve done in my life.”

Fox said he needs to improve his swimming before he does the Olympic distance triathlon in April.

While helping Clark do some strength training on New Year’s Eve, Chris Herr, owner of Pace Anytime Fitness, said although the members of the club get energy and motivation from the staff, the staff also gets energy from their members.

“If we’re running we think about different members that didn’t quit when they felt like it, and that motivates us to keep going,” he said.
Tips from Fox to achieve your new year’s fitness resolution:

Workout with a reliable partner. Depending on who you workout with, they could drag you down or motivate you to do better. “Find someone who is just as passionate and has similar goals,” Fox said.

Nutrition is key. “Work on nutrition before anything else,” Fox said. “Be open to different things.”

Take a look at your goals every two weeks. “Reevaluating yourself everyday could be discouraging,” Fox said.

Anytime Fitness is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They offer a “Hero Discount” to any military, police officers, fireman and teachers. Membership information is available at the club, by calling 995-2447 or by visiting