One of our photographers, Lynne Hough, took this photo at the Milton Cemetery after a large tree fell on some graves. What appears to be a large round orb appears in this photo. This photo has not been altered in any way... What do you think? Spiritual Orb? Sunlight on the lens? A spot of water? Let us know!

Its light reflectivity.
Allison Milam-Wallace

Itís called lens flare and it occurs occasionally on daylight photos. You have a staff photographer who doesnít know lens flare when she sees it?
Gerry Swetsky

Wait - wait, Iím begining to ďseeĒ something . . . yes, itís becoming more clear - something about ďChristmas PastĒ - does that mean anything to you? No - wait, itís now pretty clear - Iím seeing a small spot of dust and the little halo around it means the lens should be cleaned - whew, Iím tired now - got to rest.
Jerry C. Cummings

i dont believe its sun or light its orb
Red Amanda Phillips

I find it interesting that it is the only surrounding the headstone with the flowers. Whoever that is, there are clearly cared for here.
Jo Walter

Jeannine Martel Mosely

I think itís a really cool picture! If you canít say something nice donít say anything at all
Sherri Phillips Reed

Carla Hawthorne

Lisa-Marie Angel

Weird I had a dream about a tree falling last night and the people were still alive that are actually dead
Lisa-Marie Angel

Canít be sunlight in a complete lone circle - not saying itís an orb, but....maybe dirty lens?
Christy Cotton

I have taken pictures of headstones with unknown ďorbsĒ or ribbons around them. People will believe what they want to believe. I believe it is an orb:)
Lacey Hartnett

A little spookey to me.
Pat Murphy Kent

Its pretty well ďDeadĒ centered, isnít it?
Don McLachlan

The sun is coming in from the left this happens especially with digital. It is still odd because it is so large.
Phillip Cohen

Lens is not dirty. Shot about 15 photos. No other photos came out like this - Lynne.
Santa Rosa Press Gazette

Definitely an orb
Melissa Duke Knight

Itís clearly Slimer from Ghost Busters... anyone can see that!
Marsha Fuqua

Has anyone cleaned up where the tree fell??? If not ill clean it up tomorrow!!!
Michael B. Morris

Michael, that is very kind of you.
Kelly Owens Henrichsen

Ok Ifnod sunlight it should be on all the stones I say it spiritual
Tabatha Funderburk

There will be someone out on Monday to clean it up. The Milton Cemetery Manager is always looking for help with upkeep. You can call him at 850-686-1122.
Santa Rosa Press Gazette 

Ok.. Just checkin. I clean up every Sunday when I go up there. Thanks.
Michael B. Morris

I believe that is a orb......
Patricia Farmer

I donít believe in sun light.
James Jackson

That is a spirited Orb
Merrilee Danielle Hess-White

Its a orb!
Jean Holland-Hathaway



Im glad my butt stayed home where i was safe and sound
Jennifer Diane Jackson

Did both incidents happen at one party or just the same group of kids at two different parties?
Jaime DeBord Williams

Oh the wonders of alcohol. When will people learn. So sad as he will never be the same.
Phyllis Williams Blazier

sounds like same group at 2 different parties Jaime.
Tasha Bogden

It just goes to show ... careful who your friends are.
Monica French

Wth is wrong with people?
Nicci Howington

We had a non- alcoholic celebration at church with NO INJURIES. Anytime you mix excessive alcohol comsumption to a mix of young people someone ends up hurt by way of fights, car wrecks are just falling down.
David Stokes

Friend of mine,here in Tulsa,OK,asked us to come get her on New Years,when we arrived to pick her up,she chose to stay at the party.Shortly later she ended up in the ER receiving 110stitches to a stab wound in her back-Iím so glad my husband and I are homebodies
Tammy Renfro

Iím sure drugs and booze played a factor being where these all happened!
Melissa Dixon

The stabbing victim (a family member of mine) is recovering at home. To my knowledge the person who is responsible for his injuries has still not been found by the police but they do know who he is.
Miranda Parker

I am not sure.
Miranda Parker

ĒInstant @$#holeĒ just add alcohol...
Cynthia Brennan Diamond

I just talked to Codyís sister and she said he is stable. And I guess they are waiting to find out about his lungs and they have him on a breathing machine for now.
Jenna Pollard

Its messed up cuz cody is the type of person that gets along with everyone. i thank god that he is alive and that they caught the guy who did it.
Bambi E Sisk

I seen cody today, he is doing better. Responding, & even making jokes. He will be off the breathing machine tomorrow hopefully. Keep the prayers coming for a quick recovery.
Miranda Caudell



& this is why I donít read The Press Gazette. The lady has a blood clot in her brain that theyíve been talking about all day & this is what you come up with? Give it a break already ..
Dayna Parrish

LOL Love the Santa Rosa Press Gazette...the only paper worth reading nowadays.
Tommie Lyn

Whoa - Santa Rosa Press Gazette, starting to sound like a REAL newspaper . . . way to go!!!
Jerry C. Cummings