FORT WALTON BEACH - "I have a warrant out for my arrest," a Pace man declared after he was approached by a Fort Walton Beach Police officer for causing a traffic hazard.

On Dec. 17 the officer watched a man back his car into Miracle Strip Parkway, causing a hazard. The officer approached the driver and immediately noticed a strong smell of alcohol. The man, identified as 32-year-old Shaun Robert Whiting, said, "I have a warrant out for my arrest."

The officer conducted checks and discovered Whiting was wanted for parole violation in Escambia County. He also learned Whiting's driver license had been suspended multiple times for various reasons.

Whiting refused to perform field sobriety tests and was taken into custody.

While at the police department Whiting refused to provide a breath sample. Further investigation revealed Whiting had been arrested for DUI four or more times.

He was charged with DUI, DUI refusal and DUI - four or more prior convictions. His court date is Feb. 12.