A man is in serious, but stable condition after being knocked unconscious and falling into a bonfire early Tuesday morning.

A man is in serious, but stable condition at the USA Medical Center Burn Unit after being knocked unconscious and falling face-first into a bonfire at a party early Tuesday morning.

Cody Healey, 26, Pace, was punched and knocked out, according to officials, by Devin Lee Bass, 24, Milton.

Bass was charged with two felony counts of aggravated battery and a misdemeanor charge of obstructing justice by giving a false name at the scene.

One witness of the attack says it took a little time before anyone moved to Healey's aid.

"We were kind of in shock," says Josh Morrison, who witnessed the incident. "(Cody) was in the fire about 30 seconds before anyone pulled him out. It was horrible."

Morrison says someone grabbed Healey by the belt and removed him from the blaze.

"He didn't wake up until he was out of the fire. He started trying to touch his face, but they wouldn't let him. He was burned on his face, arms, and neck."

Morrison says partygoers used their jackets to put out the fire that was burning Healey's clothing after he was removed from the bonfire.

Bass reportedly struck another person who was trying to help Healey out of the fire. The second victim, Bradley Cremeans lost two teeth and received a cut on his face. 

Healey was transported to Sacred Heart Hospital and then on to the burn center in Mobile. He is listed with third degree burns to his face and torso.

Morrison says when the authorities were called to help at the fire most people at the bonfire fled due to underage drinking and ended up at another party in Munson.

There, a man was stabbed four times during a separate altercation.

Sheriff's officials have not released the names of those involved in the stabbing, but Morrison says he was a witness to that incident as well.

"I thought they were going to figt," he notes. "I thought (he) just hit (the victim) but then there was blood."

Morrison says the victim was struck in the back, rib and chest by a knife he described as, "...an orange camo knife."  He says people there patted the suspect down to retrieve the knife - but it was concealed.

A family member took the victim to Jay Hospital, according to Morrison.

"I went straight home after that," he adds.

Sheriff's officials confirm there was a stabbing in Munson that night, but declined to offer additional information citing a pending investigation.