Saturday, 11 p.m.
Yes, I think itís time for prayer and to help (not understood) what working we do to heal the country. We need to heal the country with love and get along with our neighbors and friends. And help one another and help even the strange person that we see in the street. The local homeless are hungry. We need to give a little bit more, even if the poor people, like we are, weíre not poor, but middle class. Our grandchildren and great grandchildren need out help. But I say we can still stretch a little bit and give to the needy. And may (not understood) help the mission too, you know, and get along with everybody and not jump right away on anything. You know, just take the things that is real dangerous from the peoples hands so they donít hurt anybody that way the mission in the world not be so poor in (not understood) with pain. With a lot of pain that is going on right now we have to heal the country. And maybe we can help our president. To help him, too, and pray for him. Alright, not everything is us, us, us. Thank you. Have a nice Christmas and Happy New Year.

Monday, 8:08 a.m.
Yes, this is for everyone that took the time to give or donate to the needy this holiday season. You are very much appreciated. Most of us trust that the organization or group we donate will ensure these gifts from the heart will be distributed appropriately.

For the most part they are, but it truly saddens me that we still have those with such low morals and that are not less fortunate actively pursue these caring donations. These donations are for the needy, not for the greedy. You should be ashamed of yourself for taking charity from those who have fallen on hard times and from those who have the heart to share. Having knowledge of this happening I will be giving my gifts and donations next year directly to the shelters, individuals and families. I hope others will practice this next year so that we can ensure our sharing falls into the hands that truly need them. Thank you.

Monday 10:03 a.m.
The SRPG on 12/22/12 didnít have the tide report published. The tide report is convenient and useful to those of us that still fish rather than hunt. It would be appreciated to have the tide report consistent in each publication of the Press Gazette. Thank you.

Monday 12:54 p.m.
Iím reading the Press Gazette and I understand that the Press Gazette is trying to be geared toward hometown. What I would like to know is when you have a letter to the editor or the speak out, why arenít the questions and concerns directed to responsible parties for some type of reply? Thank you.