Friday, 8:50 p.m.
Hi, this is Bonnie. The Santaís Fly-In that the Peter Prince Airport had Saturday was marvelous. I know itís the second year theyíve had it. I believe everybody enjoyed themselves. My concern is, I am wondering why the airport did not have a single American flag flying. I looked all over that airport and never seen a single American flag flying. And with the airport being from the city, like part of the city owns it, I believe itís a shame that the city does not have an American flag at our airport. Thank you, and have a great night.

Saturday, 10:30 a.m.
Hello. My name is Thomas Simms. I am concerned about our school security. The elected officials say that money is not readily available for paying these security officers in our schools. I believe the county employees building located at Highway 90 and Avalon Boulevard has approximately 22 cars lined up. These cars are used for inspecions to be utilized daily. I believe we can talk, and these can be cut down to a total of 10 automobiles and allow money to be funded to protect our little ones. Thank you so much. I hope I didnít step in. I donít attend all meetings, but we need help at this time. Thank you.