Santa Rosa County Commissioners recently voted to extend the suspension of transportation or road impact fees for the fifth year in a row. This waiver will extend the suspension of the transportation through December of 2013.

Any new construction, residential or commercial, which would normally be assessed a transportation impact fee during the building permit process in 2009 through 2013 will have impact fees waived. However, those paying installments will be required to make payments for 2010, 2011, and 2013.
It is anticipated the Commissioners will review and address the suspension again in November 2013 for the following years.

During a commission-meeting workshop on January 29, 2009, the Commissioners originally voted to suspend the collection of the transportation impact fees for the 2009 calendar year as an incentive to stimulate new local construction projects.

Considering the current national downturn in the economy and high unemployment, commissioners understand the need to create employment opportunities, including the construction industry. Commissioners hope the savings recognized from the suspension will act as an economic stimulus.

An impact fee is a one-time charge to offset the cost of new or expanded infrastructure to accommodate a new development. Impact fees are generally categorized by the project, and a county may one or multiple impact fees.

Examples can include impact fees for roads, water, sewer, drainage, parks, libraries, fire services, law enforcement services, and schools. When instated, the amount of impact fees collected changes each year as it is dependent on the number of building permits issued,

In fiscalyear2007 and 2008, 623 road impact fees were processed and over $1.8 million were collected to help fund road projects within Santa Rosa County.