Wednesday, 3:47 p.m.
Yes, I just want to say I went to the King Middle School concert last night at Milton High School, and when we got out of it, it was so dark in the parking lot. I think Milton High School should use more lights at night time. Itís very dangerous, with a pothole in the driveway from the parking lot. They keep building things around, but they need to light up the parking lot, too. People can get hurt. Itís a lot of money they throw away somewhere, and we need light. Thank you.

Friday, 2:16 p.m.
After reading your article Saturday, Dec. 8, concerning the tennis courts for Milton High School and other schools, I see now why you didnít print my article about Central High School not having a parking lot. I wonder which is more important, for an elementary school to have a tennis court or for a high school to have a parking lot. Of course, you can print letters like Popeye sent you. You can print letters like that. You keep doing this kind of thing, you wonít have anybody writing in.

Friday, 7:11 p.m.
Hey, this is Dennis. The senseless mass murderers seem to be increasing in frequency. Do you believe these people are influenced by God or Satan? We have Dish Network with 200-plus channels. A large number of the shows are Satanic in nature with low Christian values and a lot of violence.

Our children are bombarded with garbage and violence coming out of Hollywood. The video games pushed on our children are full of kill, kill, kill and violence. No one addresses this influence pushed over the TV and video games.

I believe that Satan will increase his influence on these susceptible minds to ratchet up the frequency of mass murderers for a public outcry to outlaw guns in America. Remember that God is love and Satan has come to kill, steal and destroy.
When the night gets darker, the light will shine much, much brighter.

Saturday, 1:32 p.m.
I just want everybody to know that this company thatís doing this paving on Avalon is chicken S-blank-blank-T. You can figure it out. They still ainít fixed this dang dropoff thatís tearing our vehicles up, but yet theyíre laying asphalt over perfectly good asphalt, putting a final coat on.
Iím just wondering, the way theyíve done the rest of this operation, theyíre probably gonna leave that dropoff area still screwed up. Thatís just the way they are.

Anyway, thank you, state of Florida, for screwing up our vehicles and allowing these dirtbags that donít know what theyíre doing to keep in business and eat up our tax dollars.


Saturday, 4:26 p.m.
Yeah, this is Bobby. A comment to Chit and his Saturday Speak Out. Just like other people, he says that FOX News is wrong about something, but he never says what. Just because somebody has a different opinion donít mean that FOX is wrong. The whole opinion could be wrong.

If youíve got proof that something is wrong, Iíve heard everybody on FOX say theyíll resay it, theyíll say it correctly, theyíll change their mind or whatever.

But Iíve heard nothing in this paper that proves something is wrong that FOX says. Thank you.

Saturday, 4:33 p.m.
Yes, Iím a tow truck driver. My nameís Bill. I just went down by the Garcon Point Bridge and picked up a vehicle. The man had paid the toll, and he made it about 75 yards, and his car quit. Well then I had to pay the toll to go just past the toll booth and pick his car up and then pay a toll again to come back, and I never crossed the bridge, and neither did he.

I thought this toll was to pay for this bridge. I guess that was in the plan when they stuck the toll booth so far away from the bridge so that they could charge you just to go through their little booth.

Iíd like some clarificiation. Is the toll for the bridge or for the road? Thank you.

Sunday, 6:40 a.m.
Yes, Iím calling in reference to the public transportation. Whether people realize it or not, these folks need this public assistance because thereís people that use this transportation for dialysis, to get groceries. Our elderly have no way to get around. They doní thave vehicles, theyíre not allowed to drive no more, nor do they need to drive. These covered buildings and spending money on turtle farms and this, that and the other, you know, they need to think about the senior citizens of Florida because thatís what makes Florida ó that is Florida. Letís think about our senior citizens that made this place what it is and take care of them and get them to their doctors appointments and take care of them or there is going to be no more Santa Rosa County.

So letís take care of the folks that raised us and taught us right from wrong. OK? Thank you.

Monday, 6 a.m.
My heart is breaking for these precious children that were murdered in our country. What we need most is to bring God back into our school and our country, and I pray we have one of the biggest cryouts to God for this country that weíve ever seen. Spiritual awakening. Thank you.