When Milton City Clerk Dewitt Nobles finishes her new four-year term in office, she will have served the citizens of Milton for 42 years. Even the 38 years she has already contributed makes her the longest serving elected official in the city.

She has served continuously since her first election in1974. She loves her job working for the citizens of Milton, the citizens love her, and that love affair is continuing today. Dewitt fondly acknowledges having worked with six city managers during her tenure and has seen a great deal of history transpire from year to year.

She credits her success to hard work, fair play, integrity, and a personal desire to serve. And she’s legendary in many other ways as well. Those who know her personally can tell you about her gentle demeanor, disarming personality, and gracious regard for the welfare of others. It all comes from her efforts to treat others as she would like to be treated.

As city clerk, Dewitt is the treasury as well. She handles all the utility hilling and collections, collects and disperses money - which includes paying all bills and payroll for the entire city. Her office seems to serve as the nerve center for the city.

She takes and preserves the minutes of the city council and the civil service board. But she doesn’t spend all her time at city hall. With activities like belonging to Tanglewood Golf Club and Stonebrook Club, she is obviously a golfer. She is also a member of the Sunrise Kiwanis Club and Pilot Club.

DeWitt has four daughters, ten grandchildren, and five great grandchildren. She attends Ferris Hill Baptist Church where she teaches a Sunday school class she prepares for in a dedicated way. Her spiritual values are some of the strongest, and it is to that end she considers the foundation of her success.

Even with 38 years of public service, she feels she is as strong as ever and shows no sign of slowing down. She sees public as a passion and feels duty still beckons beyond tomorrow. Her perseverance and accomplishments are traits that the citizens of Milton appreciate.

Mayor Guy Thompson who is the second longest in terms of longevity in city service says that Dewitt was city clerk two years before he joined the municipality.

“Dewitt is a dedicated person, and has been one of the City’s greatest assets.” He said. “She’s also a great lady who reflects all the positives. She has served the city well.”