If you’re tired of seeing your same old yards cape day in and day out, perhaps you need to spruce it up a bit. And the people you need to see about that are Kathryn Livermore and Jane Jennings at K & J’s Garden.

K & J’s Garden in Jay, can furnish unique accessories for your garden, yard, or any outdoor area that will simply make it come alive! And although glass is their primary choice in building their unique garden ornaments, they can and do use other material of stone and special metals.

And although Kathryn and Jane are relatively young at plying their trade, they have developed some of the most extraordinary figurines and other outdoor ornaments that are head-turners!

The sisters have always shown artistic and creative talent, but never until recently thought about sharing it with the public. And now that they have, Kathryn says their products are being very well received.

The artifacts that they construct are unusual in both form and material. Glass items are put together with metal fasteners for durability. Glue is never used. “That’s what makes them durable as well as attractive,” Kathryn said. “Wood has a limited life outdoors because it decays. Glass and stone, on the other hand are material that lasts.” They also make birdbaths and special custom designed structures, as well as floral designs

Unusual glass designs are their most popular items. They are not easy to make, but the finished product is beautiful as well as unusual. Working with glass is very painstaking, Kathryn said. It takes dedication as well as skill, and it’s something that has to be learned. “My hands are a good example of the learning process,” she said.

The business was introduced to the public at the Jay Peanut Festival in this past October, and again at the recent Jay Cotton Festival. Word of mouth and other verbal means are about the only advertising that has been done. “But people are interested, and that makes a difference.

Kathryn says that plans are underway to put the business online by spring. That will give the public access to what is available. Pictures speak louder than words.

Kathryn loves what she does, but her family comes first. With five boys in the house ranging in age from 18 to 2, she doesn’t have time for a full time offering yet. But her telephone is her basic access. Those who are interested in her work and what she produces can reach her at (850) 675-0164.

Jane can be reached at 1-813-653-2890. She is in Plant City but makes a significant contribution in creativity and design. Her specialty is what is called Garden Jewelry. A piece of jewelry is incorporated into the item that she produces. Those creations necessarily have to be kept indoors, but they can be enjoyed anywhere.

A shop where their creations can be displayed permanently is not yet available. But Kathryn and Jane feel that going online is the firs step in introducing their creations to the public at large on a broad scale.