Here are some comments from our followers on the Santa Rosa Press Gazette Facebook Page.


I grew up in Hawaii and still to this day I wait until the 7th to put my tree up in remembrance of the 'Day of Infamy'. I also make sure I teach all my fourth graders about it each year. - Heidi Hunt Hancock

I had a chance to visit Pearl Harbor and the USS Arizona Memorial about three weeks ago. I've always recognized this day, but I must admit that I view it with much more emotion after visiting that site. The USS Arizona still serves as a tomb for over 200 men. During my visit, the thing that really struck me was watching a black swirl rise to the top of the water. The ship still leaks about 2 quarts of oil per day. Some say it represents the tears of the men who lost their lives that day. - Gray Weaver


No money, no gifts. - Jennifer Diane Jackson

I'm working on it, got four people on my list done. Still have more to do. - Kendra Love

Just had 40 bags of meals delivered by UPS. It will be used to feed our local homeless veterans. Started the day with a great big smile. - Jodie L. Butler

The only Christmas present I'll ever need was given to me about 2012 years ago. Thank you Jesus Christ for this wonderful gift. - Jerry C. Cummings

Last year was the first year I finally shared with my children and grandchildren that we are not celebrating Santa's birthday but Jesus birthday. So we now have a tradition of making a birthday card for Jesus and share what you are doing for Jesus birthday. My daughter Lindsey and her boyfriend are going to feed the homeless. The grandchildren all 3-13 have gifts of many acts of selfless kindness. So yes I did my shopping for the cookies me and my kids have always made at Christmas for our neighbors. Merry Christmas and God you all. - Karen Phifer Venus Nece