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Very Sad! People want to be paid for their vote! They voted, not by conviction, not by principal, but what can be giving to them! It's what 49% of us knew before the election. - John McDonald

Detroit wants what they voted for - a Santa Claus who will fulfill their every wish. Now . . . bail them out! Don't even think of "where" the money is coming from - remember, it's from Obama's "stash" - sort of like "magic money" - gimme, gimme, gimme. - Jerry Cummings

When you carry someone weight for so long they just expect that and more. They created this beast of entitlement now they have to live with it. By the way. Detroit has received numerous bailouts and programs, and I'm not just talking about the auto industry bailouts. Tons of money was dumped into "beautifying" houses that are falling down and they now can't pay people to take. Not to mention that defensive shootings are over 2,000% above national average because the crime is so rampant there. They created it, they had their chances for help, their problem. - Alexis Griffee


Capitalism at it's finest... - Tiffany Barker

I think it's a good idea but keep the politicians hands off the revenues so the schools will get the money. Let each school district, under a standardized set of regulations, control the revenues. - Billy Patterson

If schools get the money without losing any additional funds I'm fine with it. But let's say it raises $5000 per school per year, the state will just cut budgets by that amount. If the program starts losing money, do you think the states will give that $5k back to the original school budget? - Peter Cavnar

No, it will distract drivers eyes from the student safety signs when unloading and loading. - Curtis Daughdrill