America - tracking the path to the Biblical End Times

The word 'Biblical' has been purposely added to the words end times. This is necessary because it puts into focus the beliefs of the sub-set of Christians who purport that the "Bible" is the only source where Christian truth is found.

Biblical End Times calls for these five obvious signs (there are others):

1. Wars and rumors of war - Afghanistan, Syria, Israel, and Iran.

2. Significant environmental disasters - hurricanes, drought, earthquakes, and floods.

3. Breakdown of Biblical marriage - co-habitation and same sex marriage.

4. The trend to moral legislation - abortion, contraception, and gay.

5. Social chaos - mass murders and an immoral society.

6. Bible to reach the whole world - technology and internet.

Well, of course, "as in the days of Noah", the attitude was "Who cares." So, it might rain! And God has proven to have a reasonable sense of humor and he is very patient. He gave the people around Noah over a hundred and twenty years to believe what Noah said was going to happen. Buy, then it rained (for Bible believers).

So, how long does the World and America have until the Biblical warnings about end times prove enough to precede the true end for you? The above list of six items should remind you hat God has defined the world events that would occur before He shows up. If He sais He'll show can be sure He will.

The above six "ingredients" are necessary (and are here) to provide the world environment for an Anti-Christ to show up. We are getting closer. Now, in America potential state secession may speed it up?

So, so finally, why care? Well the Bible defines the one who's coming as Jesus Christ. The only reason He's coming is to meet His people (in the sky) and take them home. I'm trying to be one of His people (I like the outcome of being 'saved').

But, you can't go with Him if you don't know Him or you are just against Him. You know him (Jesus) through the Bible. It's as simple as 'seek and you will find." So, it's still your 'free will' choice because you're still here - for a while.

Jim Moore

Pace, Fla.