Please tell us what you do and what groups you are involved with or an officer of?

I am a mother, grandmother and serve on the Greater Pensacola United States Bowling Congress Association as a director. I have organized six Bowl of the Cure Tournaments with the next one set for Jan. 13, 2013. I also serve as the league secretary/treasurer for five bowling leagues at Oops Alley and bowl in four of the five.


1. What brought you to Santa Rosa County?

 A 1958 Buick Special, husband Lamon and oldest son. As, Lamon worked at Escambia Chemical, later becoming Air Products.


2. If you had the power of a super hero, what power would that be and why?

A fairy godmothers so I could grant wishes to everyone who does good for others and goes unnoticed.


3. What did you want to be growing up and why?

A performer to make people laugh and forget their worries for a short time. I have done three performances as a stand up comic at the Imogene Theaters a few years back, so dreams do come true.


4. Name three things you will always have in your refrigerator?

Milk, eggs, and real butter. There are so many good foods to come from these.


5. What would we hear on the radio of your car/truck during a road trip?

Depends if it is the day the radio works. It has a mind of its own. If it is working it would be Christian or easy listening.


6. What was the last book you read?

The Traveler's Gift by Andy Andrews.


7. What is your favorite food and why?

Steak, as it is so hard to find a good one out and my son cooks the best.


8. Where would your ideal vacation spot be?

Hawaii; never been there.


9. Who, living or dead, has been the biggest influence on you, and why?

My Papaw/Bessie Adams. They taught me the only thing in this life worth anything are the people in your family and the only thing you can take with you to heaven are these people.


10. What household chore do you hate and why?

Dusting not just the things people can see but the other places that collect dust. If I could have several urns out, I could just say can't dust that's my relatives on the table.


11. If you could talk to any historical figure over dinner, who would it be and why?

Potitus Pilate and ask him "did he look Jesus in the eye when he passed the judgment of crucifixion on him."


12. If you had $50,000 to spend, what would you do with the money and why. You cannot say to pay off a bill.

Take my children and their families and my sisters and their families on a vacation and have the best time of being family.