Real estate and tangible personal property tax bills are on their way. But if you havenít received yours yet, donít worry. They may be among those that are still being processed for mailing.

A detailed explanation of the ad valorem taxes and non-ad valorem assessments billed is enclosed with the tax invoices, and most people are finding them reader friendly. Taxes are due and payable upon receipt of the tax bill, but do not become delinquent until April 1, 2013.

Property owners are urged to examine their bills carefully and to notify the property appraiser in the event of an error in the description. Tax bills that are being mailed or are in the process of being mailed cover current year taxes as of January 1, 2012. Discounts are offered to taxpayers who opt to pay early, and are outlined on the bottom of the bill. Discounts are offered for payment before November 30 (4%); December 31, 2012 (3%); and January 31 (2%); and February 28, 2013 (1%).

Once the real estate taxes become delinquent a 3% interest and advertising fees are imposed. And tax certificates will be sold on all unpaid accounts on or before June 1st of 2013. For delinquent tangible personal property taxes, the fee is a l-1/2% interest charge per month plus advertising fees. Of particular interest is that discounts are determined by postmark, not by metered mail date.

Tax Collector Stan Colie Nichols has service locations at four different locations in the county: Milton, Santa Rosa Administrative Center, 6495 Caroline Street Ste E; 4487 Chumuckla Highway in Pace; South Santa Rosa Service Center in Midway, 5841 Gulf Breeze Parkway Suite B; and Jay Community Center, 5259 Booker Lane in Jay. Mailing address for all offices is 6495 Caroline Street, Ste E, Milton, Florida 32570.

For all other inquiries the taxpayer is invited to examine the brochure that comes with the tax bill. It has telephone numbers, addresses, and web sites explaining payment options and installment payment methods, among others. The Tax Collectorís office can also be reached at the website.