The pounding of hammers, the buzz of saws, and an the occasional bump or thud of contractor’s tools mix with orders being taken and food being served at the near-new Tastee Freez on Highway 90 across the street from Charter Bank in central Milton.

While undergoing a “face-lift” of sorts, it’s business as usual as contractor’s finish some structural improvements, including a new façade for the building. Owner Mike Thomas indicated at midweek there was only a week left before the contractor would be finished with the “remodeling” project.

Thomas said that basically, instead of expanding or enlarging the business, the plans called for significant structural improvements that would only strengthen the integrity of the building and make it more comfortable for eat-in customers. Centrally located, the Tastee Freez has long been a favorite eating place for mid-town customers.

Rather that “remodeling” as such, Thomas said that basically they were making changes that would result in better customer service. “After all," he said, “trying to better serve our customers is what we’re always trying to do.”

Major among the changes will be a completely new façade on the front of the building and shifting the major entrance of the restaurant from the side as it was to the front. The front entrance will be flanked on either side by floor to ceiling large-pane windows that will let in more natural light.

An outdoor patio that will seat approximately three dozen guests is among the changes. Aside from that and new ceiling and enlarging the drive-in facilities comprise the majority of the cosmetic features.

Customers might wish to say “hello, and happy birthday” when they pay for their meal. Just to let you know, the Tastee Freeze brand is 62 years old this year while the Milton store will observe its 45th year, all of which have been at this original location with continuous family ownership.