Although financial scams are commonplace these days, there is always the individual who is not savvy enough to think them through and gets taken for cash they can’t afford to loose.

The latest warning comes from individuals in the community who are receiving an ordinary-looking check drawn on Smart Financial Credit Union and are being asked to cash the check and forward a portion of the proceeds to the originator of the scam.

Both Santa Rosa Sheriff’s spokesperson Scott Haines and Milton Police Department Captain David Cox warn individuals not to fall for the request although it may appear legitimate. Both indicate that this not the way a business would approach a stranger.

Neither office has received a complaint concerning this particular incident, but are not surprised that it is happening.

"Don’t get excited if you are approached in this manner," Capt. Cox said. "Consider it for what it is, a scam, and beware."

Haines warns individuals who are not specifically expecting a check, a money order, or some other cash-related remittance not to accept or negotiate such an instrument.

“If it looks or seems to be too good to be true, it usually is!” both officers agreed.

Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi's office has not received any complaints on any checks involving Smart Financial Credit Union, according to John Lucas, Boni's press secretary.

Smart Financial Credit Union is located through the Internet in Houston, Texas early Thursday morning, Nov. 8, and a customer service represented indicated the Credit Union stated they were already been make aware of the “apparent scam” reported to the Press Gazette by a caller through our Speak Out line.

The customer service representative who identified herself as Sally said Smart Financial Credit Union in Houston was not involved, that “…they didn’t do business that way.”

Scams involving money are much more common during the holiday season when people.