“Wreck it Ralph” is an all around fantastic movie. As in most Disney films, it creates an atmosphere that pulls you in. The film finds a way to be original and slightly unpredictable. It’s one of those “dang i wish i thought of it first” ideas. They execute it so well.

Wreck it Ralph is a movie about a “bad guy” arcade game character who doesn't wanna be a “bad guy” anymore. That sentence alone excites about 95 percent of anybody who has ever touched an arcade game.

The amount of clever one-liners in the movie is almost overwhelming. A particular favorite of mine is Ralph referring to Vanellope (a character in the movie) as “children of the candy corn” while she is in her game “Sugar Rush”.

Any and all gamers will love the appearances of their favorite video game characters. The movie has a way of showing you the characters you loved in video games, while at the same time creating new and hilarious personalities for them. They do it seamlessly … followed by a guaranteed laugh.

Being a Street-fighter fan, I love what they do with Ryu and Ken. It’s subtle, but brilliant.

Unfortunately, Nintendo would not let Mario in the movie. Bummer.

I know parents have seen a few kids movies that weren't really “kids movies”. Whether it be the language, adult themes or a little too much violence, sometimes the rating can be questionable. I can comfortably say that this movie is more than suitable for the young ones.

I only came across one questionable word, but i wouldn't let that hinder you from taking your children to see this wonderful film.

The movie does a fantastic job of dodging adult language in a way that is sure to bring a laugh. It tugs at your heartstrings, makes you laugh and fall in love with the characters. The climactic scene is almost too good as it brings up an earlier scene in the movie. As Ralph risks it all, you can feel your heart breaking.

All in all, you get a message of perhaps “I don't need recognition to be a good person.” And with this generation, that could not be more relevant.

For the kids- Of course. A perfect kids movie that will, for sure, keep them in their seats and behaving. Most likely and hopefully … full of laughter. 

For the teenagers and college crowd- Most definitely. For  … they all grew up playing these games. The cameos alone are enough to get them in there.

For adults- I’m gonna stand my ground and say adults will love it too. For this movie is not a mindless animated film. It’s creatively put together and I’d even venture to say, slightly unpredictable. It has a way of pulling the adults in with the dodging of adult themes.

“Wreck it Ralph” had YOU in mind as well as the kids.

It’s showing right now at the Ridge Cinema 8 in Pace.

For a rating, we really just do not give out enough medals, as Ralph so clearly states in the movie. So, in honor of Ralph, I rate this movie 9 out of 10 “Hero's Duty” medals. Well done, however you don’t need a medal to be a good movie.