Flags fade and flags can get tattered and torn, but Saturday some Santa Rosa County Veterans taught a couple of Boy Scout troops the proper way to say farewell to Old Glory.

Members of Norman A. Garrett Post 78 of the American Legion in Milton honorably retired a few hundred flags.

"We got most of these flags from the county and school classrooms," said Garrett Post 78 Commander Tom Griffith. "We want to give these flags the proper attention and disposal they deserve."

According to the U.S. Flag Code, when the flag is no longer fitting to display should be destroyed in a pure way, which is preferably by fire.

During the ceremony the first flag, which was flown near the fire, was property folded by scouts from troops 409 and 460 from Milton and placed upon the fire.

After that flag was properly retired then the members of the American Legion post and the American Legion Auxiliary as well as the scouts in attendance took the flags one by one for a proper disposal.