Tuesday, students at Bagdad Elementary proved that it’s never too early to vote as they marched around in support of the upcoming elections.
The event, put on by Lori Ruedy and Lydia Wade was done to urge students to vote and to show the importance of their vote.

Before the rally, all children were given the opportunity to vote for who they thought should be president and also vote on important issues and things they wanted to see happen at the school itself.

We set it up just like the polls at the polling stations,” said Autumn Wright, a teacher at Bagdad Elementary. “They got to vote on issues at our school and issues on the presidential elections.”

Fifth grade student Beth Blair gave a speech on the front lawn of Bagdad Elementary School to all of the children why she believes strongly in voting.

“I want them to know how to vote,” Blair said. “And that it’s important to vote.”

After Blair’s speech, students listened as the fifth grade chorus sang “Oh How I Love my America” and as principal Linda Gooch talked about voting.

“You’re never too young to learn about voting,” Gooch said.

The principal said that students were able to vote on their favorite high school and college football team as well for fun.

Heidi Graves, another Bagdad Elementary teacher said that they wanted to get the children the positive idea that their vote counts in any election.

“We want to give them that experience, because they may not get it,” Graves said.

Gooch said that students would be allowed to come to school somewhat late on Tuesday if their parents acknowledge their children were voting with them.