Dear Editor,


I moved to Santa Rosa County for a better quality of life than I ha found in Escambia County for the past 17 years. Living in American Farms, the country life is a good start and a great place to live. Recently having committed my life to Christ, I attend Joy Bible Baptist Church. The name of my church of choice describes what you find at Joy Bible Baptist. On January 13 at approximately 1:55 p.m. on Highway 90, just east of Ward Basin Road, directly in front of the Local Yokel, my cousin and I were rear-ended by a dump truck. We are both in our mid-to-late 50s in age.

To my surprise and astonishment, the lack of concern from what is known as a largely Christian community, not one person came to our aid or to check if we were alive or dead.

Whether Christians were present or not at the time of the accident, human beings of the community were present. Christian or just plain common folks, I would expect more as a community. Is it any wonder America as a country is in such a mess? When even small communities have a lack of concern for one another, as human beings; thank you Jesus for being there for us that day and for saving our lives and being there for us. As we know man wasn’t, won’t and will not be able or willing to help.


Dozier E. Lee, Jr., Milton