Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office report two men were arrested Thursday for burglary and larceny in front of Target on Highway 90 in Pace.  The two men, Juan Nicholas Cartwright, 28, Hollywood, Florida and Michael O’Brian Beckles, 23, Miami, Florida were questioned after Jimmie Hill, local business owner walked out of Publix grocery store and heard his car alarm going off.  Hill said he saw a car driving away fast towards Target.  Hill said he called the police after noticing his sunglasses and phone were missing.

Deputies found the suspects sitting in a car in the Target parking lot; a pair of sunglasses matching the description Hill provided within plain sight, plus a sim card on the ground next to the car.  When deputies searched Beckles, reports say, an iPhone was found in his jacket pocket.  When the sim card was placed in the phone, the display screen matched the description Hill offered to the deputies.  When Hill arrived on scene, he identified his belongings. Beckles and Cartwright denied any involvement of how the items came into their possession, and were arrested and transported to the county jail, both with $10,000 bond.