Dear Editor,


Iíve just seen some clips from the movie ďSon of God,Ē to be released this month.  What a blessing that many who know not Jesus Christ will become aware of who He is.  Not a soul told this Yankee about Jesus.  I was on the way to Hell.  I never thought about death believing we just got six feet under.  A believer now, by Godís grace, Iím thrilled a merciful God is using Roma Downey and her husband, producers, exposing all to the Gospel.  Their desire is that all know Jesus, His sacrifice for all, especially young people.  Their hope, too, is that Christians will fall in love with Jesus again.  How anyone, having once really known Jesus, could ever fall out of love is beyond my understanding.  The orchestration by God of the film now doesnít surprise me.  Heíll use anybody, any which way He can because He loves the world so much.  He wants all to become aware of the signs of the times evident and increasing before the Second Coming of Christ.

Too bad most churchgoers are ignorant of end-time prophecy which is exciting.  It might motivate them to be busy about the Fatherís business, the ministry of reconciliation.  Roma urges all to pray for the moviesí success.  About her request and the moviesí potential, I say like Jerry Clower used to, ďAinít God good.Ē  God is good all the time.  Hallelujah!  God bless all as only He can. 


Chrys Holley, Milton