A 22 year-old homeless man was arrested Monday for burglary and battery, says Milton Police Department.  Robert Jamar Fails led MPD on a chase for the second time throughout the streets of Milton.  On Monday, officers tracked him down in a neighborís house.  After asking permission to enter the home, reports said they found Fails in a closet.

Officers said the victim of Failís battery, Turquoise Barnes, was hit by him while sitting in her car with her children at Milton High School.  Barnes told the police Fails jumped on her car and was able to reach inside and slap her in front of her children.  Barnes told officers she and Fails do not live together.  Reports from a warrant affidavit from a November 5 incident said Fails was trying to enter the Barnesí home while she was trying to keep him out.  Officers said he forced his way inside and battered Barnes but after he left on foot throughout the neighborhood, officers were unable to locate him after a search.  A warrant was issued for burglary of structure or conveyance, unarmed, with person inside (attempt) by trying to forcefully enter the residence.  Mondayís charges include battery (domestic violence).  Since a warrant was outstanding from Novemberís incident, according to officers, the charge was included with battery.