Santa Rosa Sheriff’s Office reports a Pace woman, Brandis Nichole Harris, 33, was arrested Monday for lewd and lascivious behavior with a victim age 12 to 16.  Reports say Harris’s ex-husband Douglas Brandon Harris complained to deputies he suspected his ex-wife was “doing inappropriate things” at her home on February 2.  After further investigation, reports say deputies questioned the victim who verified sexual activities were happening.  In a sworn statement, Brandon Harris said to deputies he was told by a neighbor inappropriate sexual behavior was happening with his ex-wife and a minor.  Deputies report, after speaking with the victim, that he and Harris were in a romantic relationship.  He said he and Harris began a sexual relationship on New Year’s Eve, had sexual relations twice and that Harris told him she loved him about two weeks ago. When asked where the relationship would go now with Harris, the victim answered he was sure Harris was going to jail.

Reports say when Harris was questioned about the relationship, she said it was not true and she did not believe the victim told deputies this happened.

Bonnie Livingston, facility coordinator at the Santa Rosa Kid’s House says this type of relationship happens more often than most think.  She says young teens think they are in love and are sometimes will consent, but what people have to realize is they are still being abused.  In cases like this, the adult is abusing the teen’s trust.  “It happens all too often.  They will convince them they’re in love with them while still victimizing the child,” said Livingston.  “Children believe what they’re told,” she said. 

Harris was held on $25,000 bond and released.  She is not to have contact with the victim.