There are only two things guaranteed in life: death and taxes.

So, you'd think people would respect the dead. Not everyone.

Earlier this week we went to Coon Hill Cemetery, a very nice, tranquil and clean cemetery way off the beaten path.

The visit wasn't historical in nature, but brought on by acts that were down right criminal.

Some one, "some two," or maybe even a "some three" went to the cemetery and decided it would be fun to kick over grave markers and head stones. To us, this was a despicable attack on people the attackers most likely never even had the opportunity to meet.

In many instances, we feel those who had their graves vandalized do have family living here today, but that is not the point regarding this senseless attack.

The point is, who gets their jollies out of attacking the memory of a person?

We know there is the legend of the confederate soldier buried in Coon Hill Cemetery who allegedly will knock you off the wall if you try to walk on the wall.

Sounds interesting, but despite the interest or neat fascination we might have with spooks, spirits, or ghosts, it doesn't explain the need to be at a cemetery after sunset.

Past issues and vandalism at this particular cemetery have led the cemetery board to construct a heavy gate well over a mile from the cemetery itself as a deterrent to these unwelcomed "visitors."

Board members built the much larger and heavier gate after someone hooked their truck to the previous gate and broke and bent it until it was of no use.

We recall going out, as a child, and looking at headstones to learn about relatives and family While researching the family tree.

While it seemed a little creepy, the visits were done during the daylight hours and no one had the urge to damage a headstone.

The disturbing matter is that someone or some group took it upon themselves to go out of their way to damage a cemetery.

Coon Hill is not the only place this has happened, but the significance to Santa Rosa County's history makes acts like this very disturbing.

We understand the significance of older cemetery markers, which are found at Coon Hill, the Milton Benevolent Cemetery, Elizabeth Chapel Cemetery and many others across Santa Rosa County.

These markers tell of history and so much more, yet we have to deal with those who feel it is fun to destroy.

A cemetery, no matter how well publicized by groups like the Pensacola Paranormal Society, is not a place for ghost chasers or anyone else at night.

While this is not the first time this is happened, we hope those responsible for this act will be found punished.

Despite the sentiment of some who will say this is kids being kids, what occurred is much more than a senseless childish deed.

This was an act memories.

The bodies in a cemetery should be allowed to rest in peace and their final resting spot marker should not lie above them, shattered.

If you are reading this and were involved, despite what you think, you need to do the right thing and step forward.