A Jay woman arrived home to find a masked man hiding in her bedroom last month, Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office (SRSO) reports say. Friday Dustin Dewayne Holloway, 26, of Jay was arrested for burglary with assault or battery, public order crimes second degree felony wearing mask or hood and assault on a person 65 years of age or older.  The woman, Joan Barrow, who lives on Highway 89, called 911 and said she arrived home while a burglary was in progress.   The reports say after arriving home she found a white male wearing a ski mask hiding on the floor behind her bed.  It says Barrow was startled when the masked man jumped up off the floor and ran across the bed toward her.  Deputies describe Barrow backing up to get away from the burglar as he extended his arm towards her while he was running for the door.  Reports say Barrow tripped as she was backing up and fell to the floor as the suspect ran out of the house.  Barrow was able to describe the subject as a white male, standing approximately 5’9” tall, 160 pounds, wearing a dark colored ski mask, brown t-shirt with blue/green writing on the front; a white, long sleeved thermal undershirt, blue jeans and dirty tennis shoes.  Reports say Barrow believes the suspect to be her neighbor’s grandson due to the fact her dog allowed the suspect inside the home and was not barking at him while he was inside.  SRSO K-9 Narco and his handler conducted a track from Barrow’s front door which leads across her front yard and directly to Holloway’s house.  Deputies found a screen removed off of a rear opened window of Barrow’s home.  When deputies arrived at Holloway’s home, reports say he was nervous, and said he didn’t own any tennis shoes, only boots.  Holloway is being held with a $65,000 bond.