Visit Dandy’s Country Market in Pace where you can easily take a visionary step back in time. It’s easy because you’ll be surrounded by merchandise that would have been a family mainstay in years gone by. The outstanding, personal service you get in the store will also help make customers feel that their business is appreciated.

Dandy’s Country Market is a family business run by owners Allen and Terrie Campbell. Both are committed and dedicated to preserving and sharing the traditions and values of yesteryear.

“What we carry in store are products that are meant to be from that wholesome time when your food was natural. You grew it in the garden, and nobody worried about what had been sprayed on it.” Terrie said, "and you knew it would  be good.”

How they selected the name for the story is a topic that’s asked from time to time, and Terrie doesn’t mind telling the story. “That’s how ‘Dandy,’ comes in,” she said. “Dandy, (the late Allen Ayers) was my grandfather. He always had a huge garden and grew some of the best tasting food ever. He also taught me how to cook,” she said. She also remembers her grandfather as a kind, loving person who always had candy for the children.

“The premise of the store is about that wholesome time when  you didn’t mind sitting on the front porch and having a conversation with your neighbor,”  she said. “You took care of each other.”

The Campbells said they wanted to have a healthy and successful business, but they also wanted to be part of the community. “We want people to feel like they have enjoyed their visit with us. And maybe they will learn something, like trying some new spices they haven't sampled before, or discovering a new food product they have seen before.

The merchandise they have to offer is awesome, they say. From heavy iron cookware to hand crafted toys, there is an almost endless selection of traditional merchandise in the store. “The hand crafted toys carry us back to a time when kids played with toys that didn’t have batteries. And kids seem to be perfectly content with them,” Terrie said.

                Allen and Terrie have about 13 Amish craft people represented in Dandy’s Country Market. There are baskets, lots of wood products, candles, and old fashioned hand soap. And they have beautiful needlepoint and lot of products made by Amish families. And there’s plenty of room in the one thousand square foot store.

Coming soon are Amish butter, and cheese and lots of local produce. Also, there will be Amish lawn furniture.  “Amish furniture is so beautiful,”  Terrie said. She has some of it in her home, she said. There is loose leaf tea, handy for people to experiment with without buying a whole package.

                Terrie also said that much of their products are gluten free. “That’s something we’ve had a good response with, and we are trying to make it non-GMO as well,” she said.” People who worry about GMOs will k now what it means,” she said.” Whenever it's possible we try to have non-GMO products in the store.”

                Both Allen and Terrie agreed they are committed to give the highest level of customer service and strive to make people happy they came to see us,” Terry said. There is a 1920 model cash register they let kids operate as a novelty to make their visit joyful.

                The shelves are beautifully arranged with pickles and relishes; and jams, jellies, and marmalade. And coming soon they are making plans to offer their own private labels.

                Allen spent 9 years  in the U.S Marine Corps, and they said they moved around a lot. But a lot of time was spent living in Pennsylvania Amish territory and to love and appreciate their contribution to the country. “The food they prepare is just unbelievable,” Terrie said.” We made a lot of friends there.”

                Allen and Terrie came to live in this area after her father, Terry Ayers, moved here earlier and give it good marks. Also, in  the future, perhaps a year from now, Allen and Terry plan to introduce Amish-made furniture in the store. Think it will  good to introduce  those products to people in our area who have never seen any of those products. Terrie spends a much of her time away from the store, she said she was looking for a time when she could devote her full time to it.

                A visit to Dandy’s Country Market will be a unique shopping experience. There’s plenty of parking and the expansive covered front of the building makes it safe and secure in inclimate weather. If you have an occasion to give them a call, you can re ach them at 982-6375. The store hours are from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday. They are closed Sunday and Monday.