Dear Editor:


In reference  to "Your" View editorial in the Feb. 5 edition of your paper; here is another

view of the reference you made to the Mercury Marine comment in that view. They were

never told they couldn't locate on the Blackwater, but when they were made aware of the

potential risks they would incur with their operation they wisely choose to go elsewhere.

As you know, the Blackwater River is free of industry and it flows down past the Yellow

River Preserve which is another very fine water system.

The Mercury Marine Operation was to be sited at a sensitive location on the river with

wetlands fronting their site and the river. As was described to the public, their operation

would require, multiple, daily, high speed boat excursions down the river and back, in the

development of their outboard engines. This, combined with the potential for

environmental issues at such a sensitive site from their every day industry operations,

were certainly major factors in their choice of a site location. Their decision was made

from a business point of view, not because of a "great public uproar." By seemingly very

few. How do a few make a great uproar? At least that is my view.


Ray Slingerland, Milton