A Pace man who was accused of swindling last October was cleared of all charges within a week after the arrest.  David Brignano, 45, was arrested for theft from a person age 65 or older and 2 counts of fraud by organized communications.  These charges were dropped because of insufficient evidence to prove a theft or a scheme to defraud.  Legal documents from Circuit Court say "it must be shown that there is an intent to take the money without providing any services at the time the money was taken.  Performing any amount of work under a contract negates the inference that the defendant had the intent to take the money at the time it was exchanged."   

Brignano says he is diligently working to put his business as well as his life back together.  Brignano says he was raised in Milton and has been in the tree care industry for many years specializing in the trimming and removal of dangerous and hazardous trees, treatment of diseased trees, and landscape design and installation.