An amendment to the City of Milton’s Code of Ordinances, currently in the adoption process by the City Council, will significantly impact businesses situated on corner lots within the city limits. It will allow businesses occupying corner properties to advertise effectively with two signs instead of one.

 Basics of the new signage ordinance  (an amendment to Section V-7.16 (b) of the City’s Code), originated late last year from a request by Milton Dodge, located on the northeast corner of Highway 90 and Glover Lane, one of the city’s busiest intersections.

The ordinance was drafted by City Planning Director Randy Jorgenson, who investigated and approved the Amendment, and submitted it to the Milton Planning Board and City Council on January 2.

As drafted, the amendment will not allow businesses signage to exceed an area up to 20 percent of the front principle building’s street facing façade area. The ordinance, which will get its second and final reading next week by the City Council, will in no case allow business signs to exceed 180 square feet.    

Reaction to their successful endeavors from officials at Milton Dodge was unavailable this weekend due to the absence of any managing spokespersons at the dealership.