They only lost one regular season game, when they had the opportunity to face that same team for their second regular season match up, they had to prove who they were and what they could do as a result of one loss and so they did.


The Pace High School Varsity Girls Soccer Team does not have to prove who they are to anyone anymore.  They are a team that only lost one regular season game to Gulf Breeze High School, and they leveled the record and downed the Dolphins on their second season match up.


Pace with a 17-2-2, and an impressive 6-0-1 district finish, wanted to make it further than any other Patriot Soccer Team. Though their past week of state level competition was a rollercoaster journey, their ride did not end as they wanted, but what a season they have experienced.


Coached by David Seevers and assistant Coach Tiffany McCormick, Pace’s journey ended Saturday, Feb. 1 against Fleming Island from Orange Park, Fl.


Their pursuit of a state title had to be played in more ways than just on the soccer field. The Panhandle weather had created obstacles for the Patriots for several weeks. The uncommonly low temperatures, the wind that accompanied the frigid cold, as well as the emotional disturbance Coach Seevers and his girls encountered created unheard of chaos.


Pace and Navarre, despite their daily school routines being cancelled due to the dangerous weather conditions, hunkered down and battled for the Region 1-4A semifinal Thursday, Jan. 30. Opposing each other for the third time this season should have been enough, but instead Mother Nature’s fury could not cease the semifinal match-up. 


Pace defeated the Navarre Raiders for the third time this season 2-1. Pace’s goalkeeper, Katelyn Burkhart, had to be on her toes early on in the game as the Raiders played a very aggressive first half. Burkhart did not waiver in the cold or under the pressure, she is credited for seven first half saves.   No. 11 Senior Caroline Torrens' first half hammered left-foot goal put the Patriots up by 1.


After the half time break, Pace’s whole game tempo changed, and they became the aggressors.  Navarre continued their own offensive maneuvers tying the game up 1-1. As the game was then forced into the second overtime, Junior Hannah Abrams found the goal and sealed the win and assurance of advancing to the next level of their journey.


Saturday, Feb. 1 Pace hosted Orange Park, Florida’s Fleming Island.  Mother Nature had provided yet another over night reversal of conditions. The weather was pleasant and conditional for outdoor play.


Out of 109 Class 4A girls, Florida teams MaxPreps ranked Fleming Island No. 3 and the Patriots as the No. 5 team based of their potential of winning the soccer title.


Fleming Island with a season record of 8-1defeated the Patriots by a score of 2-1.


Freshman Julianna Abrams dished out one assist, which resulted in her older sister H. Abrams connecting on the lone Patriot goal.


As middle fielder, Colvin stated earlier, in regards to her teammates and their play, “You have to do what you have to do.” The Patriots have accomplished that despite the cruelty Mother Nature sent their way.


Their season stats are remarkable with a team collaboration of 56 assists and 81 goals. H. Abrams led the season with 31 goals and 15 assist. Junior Claire Taylor added 17 season goals and 9 assists. Along with Senior Caroline Torrens, who connected on 15 goals, and was credited with 4 assist. The only freshmen on the Patriots team had 8 assist for the season and 2 goals.


No.9 Serena Colvin continued, “I think we have had a good journey together.” The Patriots who will lose 5 players to graduation have definitely had a great journey together.


The team who have all grown up together playing FCSR Soccer wanted to prove who they are and what they can do. Coach Seevers and his girl’s end their season with only two loses since they hit the field Oct. 23, 2013. Their 2013-2014 journey is complete and their point has been proven.


As Colvin continued, “Soccer is our life.” The Pace Patriots proved the point.