The Oops Alley Saturday Youth bowling league participated in some recent youth travel league tournaments and enjoyed tournament successes.

In January’s event hosted by Cordova Lanes in Pensacola, Thomas Stephens was the top 12 and over bowler posting a handicapped series of 720. And the team of Brianna Smith, Ashley Parrish, Madi Edwards, and Andrew Parrish finished second in the 12 and up team event.

In December’s event hosted by Avalon Bowling Center in Milton, Hailey Mixon posted the top handicapped series for the 11 and under age group with a 629, while Katelyn Sciple posted the top handicapped series for 12 and over with a 679. The team of Piper Gamblin, Samantha Steven, Hailey Mixon, and Lyndsey May finished second in the 11 and under team event.

The next travel league tournament will be held Feb. 9 at Oops Alley in Pace.