Santa Rosa Sheriff's Office arrested two men from Pace for burglary who were related to each other.  Reports say Larry Lewis Powers, 19, of Pace and his uncle Cecil Lewis Powers, 41, of Pace were taken into custody for burglary, trespassing and possession of drugs last week.  Sheriff's Office reports say the pair were staying at an unoccupied residence without permission of the owner.  Deputies say in the report there were enough personal items in two rooms of the house as if people were living there.  Reports say the owner of the home, James Parker, said he did not give anyone permission to live in his residence on Cherokee Drive and the power was left on to complete a renovation.  Parker said the house should have been locked up.  Larry and Cecil Powers both said they had permission from a girlfriend, although both didn't know the girl's last name. Cecil Powers had not registered his "new" address, say deputies, within the 48 hours notice since he is a convicted sex offender.  SRSO says he was originally convicted on November 15, 2007 for sexual battery with victim over 12.  He was charged with sexual offender violation in 2008.

Reports say the drugs were found after the pair's belongings were gathered up, along with children's books, a "Mr. Potatohead" toy an several stuffed animals, which deputies stated to be alarming to be in the possession of a convicted sexual offender.