The grand opening for the new  Dr. O. K. Matthews Tennis Center at the Milton Community Center is February 28.  A ribbon cutting ceremony will take place.  The landscaping is in place and the lights are bright at the courts.  The gates will be open to the public.  Randy Jorgenson, planning director for the city says the courts are somewhat already in use by the high school. 


Membership will be required for entering the courts to play.


Jerald Ward, director of public works, says the project has cost $343,000.  A grant from United States Tennis Association (USTA) is expected to cover $25,000 upon completion. The remaining balance was covered by the Santa Rosa County School Board and the City of Milton.


According to Brian Watkins, city manager, a tennis program is being developed for both youth and adults who wish to learn the game, along with instructors from the local chapter of the  USTA.