Dear Editor,


I would like to take this opportunity to commend Fire Chief Diamond and members of the Skyline Fire Department and Randy Black with the City of Milton Gas Department.  My experience with these two departments began on a Friday evening in January.


It began once my wife entered our home and detected a foul odor that can only be described as burning wires.  I had detected the same odor a few days earlier but it dissipated within a few minutes.  On both occasions our home was checked for smoke, shot spots on the receptacles, power boxes and walls but with negative results.  Our concerns continued to grow when the odor did not dissipate and was mainly in the foyer area of the home. 


I then called the Skyline Fire Department and was connected with Fire Chief Diamond.  My initial thought was he would not respond to our home, but I was hoping he could help me based on his experience.  Fire Chief Diamond said the department would respond to our home and use their heat detection device which would reveal any hot spots in the walls, attic or ceiling.


Fire Chief Diamond, along with his volunteer crew, arrived and immediately began their search to identify the origin of our problem.  After diligently checking the interior and exterior of our home with their equipment, it was discovered that heat was being omitted from several ceiling vents, which was strange since the heat had not been on.  A check around the heating unit revealed heat from a power supply lines which was not normal.  Once the heater unit cover was removed they discovered melted wires.  The melted wires had activated the heating elements forcing the heat and odor of the burnt wires into the duct system.


Since our home has a gas fireplace, Fire Chief Diamond wanting to be thorough requested assistance from the City of Milton gas department.  Randy Black arrived and was able to determine no gas leak in the house or around the exterior tank.


I want to commend the Skyline Volunteer Fire Department and the City of Milton for providing such excellent service and working together to resolve my problem which gave my wife and me peace of mind.



Dennis Nordstrom