A Jay man who was arrested and charged last summer for indecent exposure was recently sentenced to six months in jail, including time served, and 12 months of probation according to the clerk’s office.

A string of events at the river in Berrydale last June lead to the arrest of John Drew Gomillion, 43, Jay. Sheriff’s reports say Gomillion was the subject of an investigation following a complaint from a woman who said the man - who was unknown to her - grabbed her leg and tried to knock her down, chased her, exposed his sexual organ, and followed her home, driving by her home several times.

It began when the victim and a friend were at the river in Berrydale. She told deputies a man walked up and started talking with them. During that talk, he suddenly grabbed the victim’s leg and tried to knock her down, reports say. The victim told the deputy she swore at the man and told him not to touch her. Reports say he responded by saying he’d seen a yellow fly on her leg.

The two women told the deputy they moved away from Gomillion, down the river, but discovered he had followed them and climbed a tree across from where they were sitting.

Reports say as the women gathered their things to move again, the man jumped into the river and started chasing them. The women found a man and his son sitting on the bank of the river and stopped to share what was happening.

The man invited them to sit with him until Gomillion left. While they were sitting with the man and his son, Gomillion reportedly stripped naked, across the river, and put on a pair of shorts, standing near his car. Reports say he did this four times. The victim and witnesses later told police Gomillion smiled and waved at them while he stood there naked.

After waiting with the man and his son, and then allowing him to escort them in their vehicles to the Berrydale Crossroads, the woman told deputies she discovered Gomillion was behind her car in traffic. She pulled over, got his tag number, and called the Sheriff’s office, according to reports.

Following an investigation and interview with Gomillion, sheriff’s investigators set up a photo lineup for the victim.

After she picked Gomillion out of the photo lineup, a warrant was issued for the man’s arrest. He was later picked up and charged with indecent exposure, 2 counts; and battery, 1 count. He was adjudicated guilty on one count of battery and one count of indecent exposure.