It simply amazed me last week when I read that I was a racist because I won't vote for Obama.

We lost good men in Fast in Furious because we sold weapons to the Mexican cartel. We had several embassies burned and people killed.

It was reported by the British news that they warned that something was about to happen two days prior.

Obama's former minister, Jeremiah Wright, claimed that he was offered 150K to shut up by Obama.

The people he chooses to surround himself with Bill Ayers, Frank Davis, Carl Davidson, Jodie Evans, Gerald Kellman, Martin Klonsky, Saul Alinsky, George Soros, and so many more, are enough to tell what the agenda is here.

Just look up their names and their affiliations, read their bios. It is enough to scare anyone with common sense.

This is not a black and white issue to the majority, however I believe a minority wants to make it an issue.

It is people who chose to make color an issue that are racist.

We have given up on our space program; I have seen so many people out of work and losing their homes. I just can't see another four years of this with out some dire consequences.

I am watching our rights being diminished.

Our children are even afraid to pray in school. What is it going to take before it is all gone?

I encourage every one to get out and vote.

I encourage everyone to chose wisely but most of all I pray for this great country and the people here within and abroad.

Sharon Granger
Pensacola, Fla.