Monday 12:55 p.m.


Here's one for you.  United States Postal Service flubs it again.  Just before going on a week's vacation, I contacted the USPS and scheduled a 7 day hold on my mail delivery.  My mail was to be held by them until a day after my return. I even received email confirmation indicating this would take place.  Upon my return I found my mailbox overflowing with seven days of mail delivery.  What an indication for thieves of opportunity waiting for a home to break into.   Way to go USPS.  I also found seven days of newspapers in and around my front yard even after I called for a hold for that period.   Luckily my home was not vandalized. This is why I am switching to the Press Gazette.

Tuesday 11:15 a.m.

Look at how beautiful the Mandela funeral is for the leaders of the world.  Coming together the people having the money to go over there.  How beautiful to pay tribute to the man.  He really deserves it.  How can we get the leaders of the world to come together for peace?  For all the young people dying everywhere.  This is Maria in Milton.  Thank you.

Tuesday 7:16 p.m.

This is Dennis.  Global climate change.  The world news would have us believe it's our fault. I'm not a scientist, but I believe climate change is a rhythmic cycle over thousands of years.  It warms and then it gets cooler.  I almost believed them in 2004, 2005 and 2006 but the summers seem cooler to me over the last three or four years and the ocean water levels have not changed to me.  For all you beach lovers and fisherman out there have you seen the water levels rise? I have not.  Have all of this hype been a big lie to make us feel bad and implement a carbon tax on us?  Thank you.

Wednesday 6:22 a.m.

John here.  I have been to county commissioner meetings here and there and they all say they're not in the fire business. We don't want to get in the fire business. But driving behind these fire trucks and chief's trucks I see they have county tags on them.  I see volunteer tags on some of them. Why is the county getting into the fire business?  Another thing, I understand, that MSBU money, if it's designated for Pace shouldn't it stay in Pace but it goes to other fire departments?  I think people of Pace should wake up and demand the MSBU money goes to Pace Fire Department.  Where is it going and why is going to these other fire departments?  What happened to the franchise tax that was used to fund these other fire departments? Wake up Pace.  Demand something from your county commissioners.

Wednesday 6:50 a.m.

This is Fay.  Why would we put a courthouse on Avalon Blvd?  A wreck on I-10 and it's bumper to bumper.  Why would we want criminals close to schools?  There could be a shoot out with a shut down. Come on people think.   East Milton land is paid for.  If it takes a four lane to make it a safe place for us, go ahead and put it in East Milton.  Thank you.