Thursday 12:46 p.m.


This is Raymond and thank you for the opportunity to speak what's on my mind.  I was wondering what it is that makes grown people still try to tell their children there is a Santa Claus when there's not? How long will they continue that lie? They don't want their children to lie to them but they will lie about Santa Claus. Its just really stupid and its time for it to stop.  If you look at the word Santa it's the same word as Satan, twisted.  Like the lie there is a Santa.


Thursday 2:11 p.m.


I'm calling about the November 30th article, Cash Strapped Students Still Eat.  I want to disagree with that also.  I have a nephew who attended Milton High School his 9th grade year and he didn't have any money on the first day of school, he had his tray, fixed and prepared and the cafeteria staff made him put the plate down and he didn't have a chance to eat on his first day of  being a 9th grader at MHS.  Thank you for the chance to speak out.