Throughout this holiday season, many organizations within the local area are working diligently to help those in need.  While receiving information and promoting those groups in the paper, my perspective about how to give has changed somewhat.  After listening to stories regarding giving, I am convinced about one thing...that when giving to someone less fortunate, it is best to give directly if possible. 

When doing so, the gesture has a powerful affect upon both the giver and the receiver. One person's decision to give can change someone's life and circumstance.

Santa Rosa County has many organizations and churches within its borders with open doors to give to those in need and give with integrity.  It's very easy to write a check, drop some change with Santa, and drop off unnecessary items into the donation bin. In doing so, you never notice the sacrifice of your gift.  But it's the hands of the giver which demonstrates the charity  and the direct reception of the receiver who experiences gratitude  bringing about the change.  When you have eye-to-eye contact, you feel  the sacrifice and feel the appreciation. 

I've read many stories about people within our community who wish to remain nameless, reaching out in their own time and effort to help those who have no place to lay their head, never enough food for their stomach and no winter coat to cover their children.

With so many of us who need help during these economic times, it is with pride I say to those of us within Santa Rosa County, we have a giving heart.  It's easy to help others in our own neighborhood.  As a matter of fact, Americans are the most generous in the world.  But it doesn't take an organization to change the world. 

It takes individuals who see a need.  One person can share meat from their freezer. 

One person can give a jacket from their closet.  One person can give from their heart by listening to someone's problems, see the need and act, changing the world of one person's life.

Non-profit organizations have their place and are very unique in the way they help people on a long term basis.  Nonetheless, when one person is inspired, it's contagious. 

One person's motivation can multiply exponentially and help a neighborhood.  The neighborhood's  willingness can explode into a community and so forth.  One person.  It only takes one set of hands to help one person stand up on their own. 


Thank you, Santa Rosans for the privilege of writing about your eagerness to give to your fellow man.