College football rivalry can divide a home, cause an argument but also be excellent copy for a new book.  Two of Santa Rosa County's daughters decided to step out and take a personal look at the revered institution of football in the South.

Jolee and Charity Sanborn's new book "Undefeated:  A College Football Pilgrimage" reveals the sister's unforgettable eight week, ten campus, 9,957 mile journey through the hallowed halls of academies of bitter rivalries, tradition, campus life the dedication directed towards the sport.

Jolee Sanborn, a registered nurse, wife and mother, says the ten different campuses and games over the eight week period was fun and gave her a unique perspective on the lives of football fans.

"Everywhere we went, the fans were appreciative of why we were there.  It was interesting to visit with each campus.  The fans were eager to share their values and traditions.  They were all happy to tell us the best thing about their school," says Sanborn.  She says the most interesting, common thread to all of the colleges was the unique ways to sneaking in alcohol to the game.  She says it would be in "cane tips, vials, and chairs.  Just anyway they could bring it inside the stadiums." 

While the project was happening, the sister's husbands stayed behind with the children where they would not have to worry. "That's a story in itself," she says.