Driving along any public thoroughfare lately in Santa Rosa County, it seems as if there is a bombardment of senses.  As one Pace Resident, Carolyn Fenton says "nasty signs" are everywhere you look.

"Any sign in the right of way is illegal," says Randy Jones, code compliance supervisor for Santa Rosa County.  Jones says the county is "doing the best we can, although I know it's never enough for some people."  He says the county is looking into a new approach which has worked for other counties in different areas of the country called "Robo Call."  He says after the phone number is put into the system, it will continue to call over and over until the signage is picked up.

As far as signs on private property, there is a different protocol the county has to go through to get them up, he says, but right-of-way signs are like litter.  We'll just pick them up.

According to the Santa Rosa County Municipal Code section 8.02.00 Sign placement and removal says no signs other than those authorized by the Board of County Commissioners are allowed on or over public right-of-way; except as provided herein.  The exceptions read:  real estate signage (which shall be removed immediately upon closing);  non illuminated construction site identification; political signage on private property and removed within 21 days from election; a permitted portable sign which does not exceed 30 days within any six month period; banner signs which does not exceed 30 days within any six month period and a combined area of thirty-two square feet per business; agricultural signs advertising seasonal products grown or produced on the property but removed within fifteen calendar days; and portable, changeable message signs placed on public road right-of-way may be approved for construction zones, traffic management, or in case of emergency.

Fenton says she counted, at one point, twenty-three illegal signs at Quintette and Chumuckla Highway.  Some on utility poles which are too high to take down. 

"Take pride in your county.  Take down signs illegally posted," says Fenton.