I may catch HE Double Hockey Sticks for what I am about to say but I don't care!! I'm sure some people will find an excuse for this person's behavior. On Monday morning, Dec. 2, a friend and I had just finished riding the bike trail across from Burger King and were talking just before leaving. During the conversation a dark green beat-up Dodge Caravan pulled into the parking lot. A 50's-ish African-American woman got out and walked towards the dumpster.

As she was returning to her vehicle a 50's-ish African-American man sitting at the covered tables said something to the person but we were not paying attention so did not hear what was said other than she mentioned "restaurant" indicating the business that recently opened at the old ice cream shop.

The woman left and moments later a kitten sounded out with an abandoned cry. We saw the kitten at the dumpster and I called it, it immediately came running right to us. At that point the man told us that the lady had abandoned the kitten (about 8 to 10 weeks old) at the dumpster to fend for itself. He also told us that he told the woman what she was doing was wrong but that made no difference to this person. I took the kitten to my house and it ate like it had not eaten for a day or two.

To the person who did this hideous thing to a kitten, I saw your face and IF YOU EVER NEED HELP OF ANY KIND DON'T EXPECT IT FROM ME! To drop off a kitten, hungry and at one of the highest traffic areas in Milton was your second best attempt to kill it other than doing it yourself! I am sure you are on government assistance of some type and you should lose it for a couple of weeks just to let you see what it feels like to be put on the streets hungry, cold and to dumpster dive and dodge vehicles for your very existence. Sorry excuse for a human being! I wonder how your children turned out!